Soccer Parachutes

Soccer Parachute used by pro’s for speed, agility, and quickness.

The SpeedZone Soccer Parachute can improve sport-speed, acceleration, straight-ahead speed and speed endurance by providing resistance as an athlete runs. An athlete can deploy the chute at varying times in their run. Speed, agility and quickness training requires an athlete to move fast and react swiftly in various directions at near 100% effort. With that in mind, the SpeedZone Soccer Parachute provides two major training advantages for athletes that participate in sports, like soccer, that require quick changes of direction, speed and explosiveness.

The first advantage of the SpeedZone Soccer Parachute is the light and variable training resistances that can be applied during Speed, agility, quickness training. Research suggests that to achieve gains in maximum velocity (speed) athletes should not be slowed by more than 10%. The goal of this type of resistance training is to activate the motor units of the muscles more quickly in order to cause an enhanced neurological response, in other words, you’re training the brain, nerves and muscles to fire faster and respond more explosively without sacrificing proper running form caused by using a heavy resistance. Sports like soccer, basketball, football and others that require quick and explosive changes of direction, bursts of acceleration and braking over short distances, require athletes to train at, or above, their game speed. Heavy resistance is great if the goal is metabolic (strength gains), but for pure speed, you need to train fast to be fast! The SpeedZone Soccer Parachute provides adjustable resistance without altering proper run mechanics.

The second advantage of training with the SpeedZone Soccer Parachute is the varying degrees of disruptive stimulus that can be applied during use. Multi-directional sport athletes are not straight-ahead, sustained runners. Their runs are subjected to disruptive forces from opponents, the condition of the athletic surface, atmospheric conditions and more. So they need to develop “Sport-speed”, the ability to accelerate in bursts and in a variety of directions. The SpeedZone Soccer Chute Parachute simulates these factors when it deploys with air from multiple directions. Crosswinds can disrupt a runner’s stride and alter their running path, much like making contact with opposing players in a game situation. These sudden shifts are also appropriate for sports like hockey, lacrosse and football. The SpeedZone Parachute also allows for 360 degrees of linear and lateral movement. This feature is great for soccer players since they often transition “on the fly” from forward to lateral to backward running all in a single run.

Other features of the SpeedZone Soccer Parachute include a comfortable fitting, adjustable waist harness with quick release cord. The harness easily adjusts in size and the quick release cord allows the runner to instantly separate from the chute resistance creating an explosive surge of speed as they continue their sprint. The Soccer Parachute is made of light-weight, low-porosity ripstop nylon which means it’s very durable and strong. The patent-pending, “net-free”, triple-parabolic cup design makes the chute deploy quicker providing maximum resistance and stability during the run. The chute lines have an adjustable clasp allowing you to fine tune the amount of wind resistance being pulled. Other chutes on the market use a mesh net in-between the shroud lines which adds weight, reduces actual resistance and deploys the chute slower. Remember, whether your goal is to improve straight-ahead speed or sport-speed, you need to train fast to be fast!

SPM / One Medium Chute – $49.95
SPL / One Large Chute – $59.00
SH / Shoulder Harness – $15.00
Chute Carrying Bag – $9.00
STCCB / Fanny Pack – $15.00
PFCDVD / Instructional DVD – $19.95

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