Do your training with the best resistance products on the planet.

Our Reaction Belt teaches you to read the movements of your competitor. Step with him/her to increase your reaction time. Many game-like drills teach you reading and reacting techniques, with the escaping partner simply trying to break the connecting Velcro belt. Develops quick reaction time.

KSRS / Speed Resistor w/ Harness – $44.95
KSRHGP / Speed Resistor w/ Harness – Group Pack (4 units) – $287.68
KSRBELT / Speed Resistor w/Belt – $44.95
KSRBGP / Speed Resistor w/ Belt – Group Pack (4 units) – $152.84
KSRBTP / Speed Resistor w/ Belt – Team Pack (8 units) – $287.68

Teaches athletes to use their arms with power. The super stretch latex cord attaches around the elbow. When you pull your arm back, the stretch cord forces your arm forward for speed development. The SpeedZone U.B.S.E. is a must for developing the essentials of arm swing activities like running, tennis, swimming, passing and catching.

KUBSE / Upper Body Speed Enhancer – $49.95

Comes with an innovative belt design that allows the athlete to twist and turn against the latex resistance. Can be used for resistance plyometrics or specific sprint drills. Great for explosive starts and drives. Attach to a solid object, keep latex stretched and start running hard for 3-5 yards, stop and return to starting position, then repeat. Comes with (1) 8′ length of latex, belt, necessary hardware and instructions.

KV / 360 Degree Viper – $54.00
KVEL / Extra 8’ Latex – $34.50
KVTP / Team Pack (5 units) – $249.75

Improves lateral speed, quickness and balance. Athletes develop side-to-side leg motion working against resistance. Create sports specific drills; just fasten the adjustable leg straps to both ankles or to a stationary object for one-leg exercises. The SpeedZone Side Stepper is a must for football, soccer, baseball, basketball and hockey players, and an excellent strengthening device for martial arts. Can be used for the rehab of the groin and hamstrings. The Side Stepper also has adjustable resistance, and comes with an extra piece of latex.

KSSMT / Side Stepper with Med. Latex – $34.95
KSSHT / Side Stepper with Heavy Latex – $34.95
KSSGP / Group Pack (2 Med. & 2Hvy.) – $125.84
KSSTP / Team Pack (4 Med. & 4Hvy.) – $237.68

The same great training benefits as the Speed Resistor, except it has two pieces of 6′ latex with a 2″ webbing band on each end. The latex eliminates excessive jarring and creates an ever-changing resistance force. One athlete runs while the other provides the resistance. Do forward running, lateral running or backpedaling.

KSSRS / Stretch Speed Resistor – $46.95
KSSRSGP / Group Pk.(4 units) – $169.04
KSSRSTP / Team Pk. (8 units) – $319.28

Two person running device for resistance training. Coach can instantly release the athlete allowing the athlete to explode out to a full speed run.

• Athlete Activated Quick Release Option
• Allows You to Explode away from Heavy Resistance

CQRH / Quick Release Harness- $59.95


• Develop strength and power for acceleration!

QRB / Quick Release Belt- $59.95

Speed Legs is a versatile training device to develop the lower body. The adjustable foot strap provides 3 points of connections for various movements. The first attachment is located directly under the heel of the foot, and is ideal for hip flexors, abdominal and ankle strengthening exercises.

The second attachment is located on the top of the foot for glute and hamstring strengthening exercises and running pull-through drills. The third attachment is located in back of the foot and can be used for leg extensions and push offs to develop knee lift in running. Resistance is provided by latex tubing. You can adjust the resistance in standing or lying down positions. Comes with 2 ankle straps, nylon connecting strap and 1 – 8′ latex tubing.

KSL / Speed Legs – $49.95
KSLGP / Group Pack (4 units + bag) – $179.92
KSLTP / Team Pack (8 units + bag) – $339.66
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