Quickness & Sprint Mechanics

Essential speed equipment to help increase quickness. Ladder and reaction belt.

Essential for increased quickness. You will improve sprint posture by learning to sprint tall and accelerate with a straight body line. The Speed Foot Ladder is a great warm-up, high speed endurance or intensive polymeric training session. Use the Ladder to work on forward, backward and side-to-side movements. A great tool for clinic rehab and athletic development. The Ladder is 30 feet long. 30 Feet Long, disconnects at 15 Feet for 2 short ladders.

KSFLHR / Speed Foot Ladder – Hard Rung – $79.95
KSFL / Speed Foot Ladder – Webbing – $57.95
KSFLX / Speed Foot X Ladder – $24.95

Our Reaction Belt teaches you to read the movements of your competitor. Step with him/her to increase your reaction time. Many game-like drills teach you reading and reacting techniques, with the escaping partner simply trying to break the connecting Velcro belt. Develops quick reaction time.

KRBLT / Reaction Belt (for 2 athletes) – $14.95
KRBLTGP / Group Pack (4 sets included) – $54.95
KRBLTTP / Team Pack (8 sets included) – $99.95

NOTE: If ordering outside the US, please call for shipping and handling charges or if you don’t want to order online. Please call us at 952-881-6260 to place your order today.

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