Power Fitness Chutes

The SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute was invented by Ky Michaelson (patent number #5,472,394). This multi-sport chute has up to 50% more resistance than any other chute on the market. They have proven to increase acceleration speed and explosiveness. The Major advantage of running with the SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute is that you have the ability to work both resistance and over speed training during the same run. In the initial part of the run, the SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute creates a drag effect, which makes it a resistance type of training. You are running against the resistance of the inflated SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute. During the resistance phase, stride length (a critical component of running speed) is developed. During the run, the SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute can be released, letting the chute drop to the ground. This causes a drastic change of running speed that will allow the athlete to run faster than normal. This over speed phase of the run will improve stride frequency, another key element of running speed.

The SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute has an innovative way of adjusting resistance by sliding the patented cord lock up the shroud lines, which changes the shape of the chute, resulting in the desired amount of resistance.

The SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute uses only four lines compared to other chutes on the market that use eight or more lines that can easily become tangled. Another innovative addition to the power fitness chute is its parabolic cup-designed canopy. The cup-shaped design is sewn into the chute giving it instant lift and stability. Due to its quick opening and stable characteristics, it is the ideal chute for all sports where speed and acceleration are essential.

Each SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute comes with a quick release belt and instruction.

Advantages of using the SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute:

  • These are the best chutes made & they are made in the USA.
  • Flies higher and steadier than any other chutes.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can run forward, backward, sideways and change direction while using the SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute.

The SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute comes in four sizes to accommodate users of all ages and skill levels. By varying the size of the SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute, the distance of the run, and the direction of the run, you can add a tremendous variety to your workout and maximize your results.

Check out March 2, 2009 edition of Sports Illustrated with Tiger Woods on the cover. On page 9 and 10 there is a great two page color picture of the reigning American League MVP Dustin Pedroia running with SpeedZone Power Fitness Chute.

LARGE 72″X72″ 30 lbs. of Resistance

PFCL / One Large Chute – $90.00
PFCLGP / Group Pack 4 chutes – $306.00
PFCLTP / Team Pack 8 chutes – $576.00
MEDIUM 60″X60″ 20 lbs. of Resistance
PFCM / One Medium Chute – $80.00
PFCMGP / Group Pack 4 chutes – $272.00
PFCMTP / Team Pack 8 chutes – $512.00
SMALL 48″X48″ 15 lbs. of Resistance
PFCS / One Small Chute – $70.00
PFCSGP / Group Pack 4 chutes – $238.00
PFCSTP / Team Pack 8 chutes – $448.00

This is a 12 ft. chute that can provide up to 60 lbs. of resistance – the  mother of all chutes.  Hear what Mike Woicik, Strength Coach of the New England Patriots, has to say about our chutes:  I have been in the NFL for many years.  There are gimmicks, but, once in a while, we get a new tool that is really a winner.  I use these chutes for multi-directional drills, as well as straight ahead speed. They’re awesome!

MEGA CHUTE 10’X10′ 50 lbs. of Resistance

SFCMC One Chute – $145.00
SFCMCGP / Group Pack 4 chutes – $425.00
SFCMCTP / Team Pack 8 chutes – $800.00
BIG KAHUNA – XL 30 lbs. of Resistance
PFCBK / One Chute – $125.00

Priced low to meet budget needs. Stable and Quick opening, the SpeedZone Triathlete Chute has shorter, heavier lines that have little chance of tangling.

Two sizes to choose from.

LARGE 24 lbs. of Resistance

KTCL / One chute – $69.00
KTCLGP / Group Pack 4 chutes – $236.00
KTCLTP / Team Pack 8 chutes – $417.00
MEDIUM 14 lbs. of Resistance
KTC / One chute – $66.00
KTCMGP / Group Pack 4 chutes – $225.00
KTCMTP / Team Pack 8 chutes – $417.00
SH / Shoulder Harness – $15.00
CCB / Chute Carrying Bag – $9.00
FP / Fanny Pack – $15.00
PFCDVD / Instructional DVD – $19.95

NOTE: If ordering outside the US, please call for shipping and handling charges or if you don’t want  to order online. Please call us at 952-881-6260 to place your order today.

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